Spring Classic 2021

The 2021 Spring Classic 1st.May presents a challenge to competitors to overcome the difficulties presented to them by this pandemic and by the enforced lack of training facilities. I have seen on facebook the different ways that our athletes struggle to overcome this , some by getting a loan of weight equipment, teaming up with those that already had a small home gym etc. particularly those that intend to compete in the Spring Classic and those aiming to compete in the European Championships. I have written to the Minister for Sport and others citing that our elite athletes be allowed to train in gyms that that can ensure the health and safety regulations required. I am waiting for their replyies. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL TDs AND MINISTERS IN YOUR AREA TO TRY TO GET THEIR SUPPORT FOR GYMS TO OPEN.

The Spring Classic will have some changes in the event organisation,

Depending on any regulation with hotel regulation for checking in,

Make-up and Hair Dressing and Tanning may not be available at the concert hall requiring

All competitors to come on the day prepared to compete.

Areas in the hall that were used for tanning will be needed for forming up before going on stage .

We will ensure that the running order for the athletes will be as smooth as possible.

It is essential that entry forms are in on time, final date is the 2nd. April, in order to finalise the organisation of the competition to ensure an efficient event. Have your height and weight absolutely correct.

I look forward to a great and challenging event and seeing you once again.

Be safe and train safe

Mick Bullman

spring classic 2021

Entry Form

Download entry form for Spring Classic 2021 by clicking on link above