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All competitors must be members of the RIBBF All memberships start on Jauary 1st. each year and ends December 31st that year.

Competitors should have Irish citizenship or be a permanent resident in Rep. of Ireland .


A competitor who holds a current National  RIBBF title (i.e. Class Champion or Overall Champion) or an International title, ranking or  selection invitation is expected to support the RIBBF exclusively and may not participate in either ‘Open’ or other Federations’ Bodybuilding or Fitness events. A competitor or RIBBF official who participates or officiates at an event, which has not been sanctioned by the RIBBF or IFBB may be suspended or official standing withdrawn. These rules also apply to any competitor that has qualified for international  selection and will have their invitation to compete withdrawn.

In certain circumstances, the RIBBF may ask guidance from the IFBB. This is open to appeal.

For official IFBB rules on this, please check the IFBB website at

Any competitor who holds a RIBBF/IFBB title and is asked to Guest Pose/Judge or do any official job at any non-RIBBF/IFBB event must seek clearance from the RIBBF Executive committee before accepting.

IFBB members from countries other than the Rep. of Ireland must seek permission from their own federation to allow them to compete in RIBBF contests. This permission must be in writing on official federation documentation and signed by the appropriate official.