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RIBBF National 2018
National Bodybuilding Championships 2018

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RIBBF National Bodybuilding Championships 2018:

RIBBF National Bodybuilding over the last few years has gone downhill. The art of bodybuilding posing has steadily declined and this seems to be an international situation. What are the reasons for this?

Speaking to competitors at events I have been told that some coaches (not all) advise that posing practice is not really necessary until until one or two weeks before the competition. Posing training is a vital part of a competitors programme.

The lack of constant practice is very obvious In a lot of cases at events when we see hesitation in the transitional changing from pose to pose. Some of that can be just nervousness on stage and combined with lack of practice.

Posing is an art form that almost always stands by itself, independent of the quality of the physique.

At the RIBBF Nationals next October there will be an overall BEST POSER TROPHY in the bodybuilding categories. The following criteria will apply.

  1. Muscular condition
  2. Stage presentation ( grooming )
  3. Choice of posing music. ie ( pick music that will complement your physique. Music should not have any vulgar language or racist remarks.
  4. Display all the muscle groups.  Place emphasis on your strong areas.
  5. Transition is the poised movement from one pose to another pose . The music and routine should really combine together to be a choreographed art. Keep the transitions smooth .

Gymnastic movements such as back flips, somersaults etc. are strictly forbidden in any posing routine.

RIBBF National Bodybuilding Championships at UCH, Limerick on 6th October 2018
RIBBF National Championships 2018

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