Irish Bodybuilding and RIBBF

History of Irish Bodybuilding:

Irish Bodybuilding can be traced back to the foundation of the RIBBF.

Bodybuilding in Ireland came about because of a lack of representation of Irish athletes at World events. Events both competitive and official.

As a result the RIBBF was formed in 1981.

The RIBBF is affiliated to the (IFBB). The IFBB is most noteworthy the 5th largest sports organisation in the world with 173 member nations.

IFBB is the only governing body for the sport of Bodybuilding provisionally recognised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

In addition Bodybuilding is currently one of the main sports in the “World Games”.

The IFBB was founded in 1946 by brothers Joe and Ben Weider.

Ben Weider was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize for his work in the sport of bodybuilding.