Bodybuilding Results

Bodybuilding Results of the R.I.B.B.F. National Bodybuilding Championships on the 6th October 2018

Bodybuilding results, click on links below to view PDF results of competition held in UCH

Bodybuilding Results of RIBBF Nationals 2018

RIBBF National 2018

  1. Results Mens Bodybuilding Under 75kg , First Timers, Novice, Junior, Masters and Classic
  2. Results Mens Bodybuilding Under 80kg, Over 90kg, Physique – Under 174cm, Under179cm and Under 182cm
  3. Ladies-Physique, Bikini Masters, Body Fitness-Under 169cm, Over 169cm, First Timers  Under 164cm , First Timers Over 164cm , Bikini Under 160cm
  4. Ladies Bikini Under 163cm, Under 169cm & Overall Champions & Pro Card Winners