Republic of Ireland Bodybuilding

RIBBF – Republic of Ireland Bodybuilding Federation:

RIBBF are keen to further the sport of Bodybuilding in Ireland. The federation is affiliated to the IFBB and we send athletes to IFBB held competitions.  Most of all the R.I.B.B.F. support athletes to represent our nation at an amateur level.


Most noteworthy RIBBF’s finances are due to profits made from contests held yearly. In addition to two Regional National Qualifiers we also have another competition, the National Championships.

In addition to money made at the events we also have sponsors. Sponsors of these events consequently increase the federations funds.

This is especially relevant as funds are used to send the national team to European and World Championships.  In addition sponsors allow us to host three contests each year.

RIBBF Committee

President: Mick Bullman
Secretary: Sean Bullman
Head Judge: Tara Carroll

Bodybuilding Representatives

Limerick Reps: Sean Bullman/John Carroll
North East Rep: Noel McPartlin
South West Rep: Eddie Walsh




President’s Message

R.I.B.B.F – Republic Ireland Bodybuilding Federation

Mick Bullman President RIBBF
Mick Bullman President RIBBF

R.I.B.B.F. Presidents Message

R.I.B.B.F.  Welcome you to new website for Bodybuilding. As we build on this page we will bring news and views on the sport of Bodybuilding in Ireland. This of course will include Bikini Fitness, Bodyfitness, Men’s & Women’s Physique and also Women’s Fitness events.

Our sport in the last few years has grown immensely both in the calibre and the numbers of competitors ( 166 competitors in the Spring Classic Waterford ). You will be introduced to the various people involved in the organisation and running competitions ie. Officials and Judges etc.

I welcome your positive suggestions and input so do not hesitate to contact me by private message on Facebook or by contact form below.

The history of Irish Bodybuilding is in short supply and I wish to remedy this by introducing in the future a dedicated page to this but to do this I will need to find information and photos from around the country. You can either send me the photos and relevant information by email.
Remember it is easier to know where you are going if you know where you came from.

Yours in Sport,
Mick Bullman,

President R.I.B.B.F.


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